Cold Showers

Benefits Of Cold Showers

I am sure most of us take a hot shower, but I am also sure that most of you have tried a cold shower and have felt the world coming to an end. Next time you try taking a cold shower make sure you stay in there longer. Cold showers have been proven to have big health benefits and to be good for our well-being in general. If you have ever wondered why you should take a cold shower, then I suggest you read bellow, as we will list some of the benefits that a cold shower provides.

Taking a cold shower in the morning and feeling the cold in general however unpleasant it may seem, will greatly improve your health.

Cold showers

in the morning will increase your heart rate and will force your heart to pump more blood in order to heat up the body, but that is a good thing, that is the reason behind why you are shaking when you are feeling the cold, it’s just your body’s way of inhaling more oxygen in order to warm itself up. By doing this in the morning you will feel much more energized during the day.

Immunity and Circulation

are also a key point of why you should take cold showers, as we said above the cold increases your heart rate and forces more blood in your body. The ability of the cold water to get the blood flowing has the potential of lowering blood pressure, clear blocked arteries, improve the immunity.
We have also seen a lot of athletes go into the ice bath, you, fortunately, do not have to do this, a nice cold shower will do enough for your muscle soreness after a good workout especially in releasing delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Weight loss

The cold shower also stimulate weight loss, the complicated human body has more 2 types of fat tissues, one is the so-called white fat. The white fat is also known as the bad type of fat, cause it is the fat that is stored from extra calories that our body doesn’t use as energy, it is usually found on our waist, hips or legs.

Skin care

Cold water has been known to aid in skin care as well, cold water tightens up the pores, which in turn prevents them from getting clogged. It closes the pores on the skin, and on the scalp, by sealing the pores it doesn’t allow dirt to get in.

If you are interested in learning more about how the cold affects our body and how our body adapts to the cold and other extreme situations I suggest reading this book!


  1. I love the pore minimizing affects of cold showers – helps with skincare and agree it’s great after a really intense workout! Looking forward to more posts!

  2. I can honestly say that I have never looked at a cold shower as a good thing but I really like the reasons you gave. I might have to work on my thinking…..

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