Cabbage Juice For Stomach Ulcer

Cabbage juice is very healthy. Its antibacterial compound has unique properties that help fight prostate, bowel and bladder cancer. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, cleanses the airway, helps with asthma, and in the case of a sore throat, the juice is recommended to rub.

As you can see by yourself, the healing effect of cabbage has no end.

However, one of the main culinary recipe points out particularly. It is a recipe that can overcome the stomach ulcer, the more common illness of today’s home – which is because of stress and is due to poor diet.

How to prepare the cabbage juice

Sprinkle half a pound of cabbage, sprinkle and add one lemon juice, let it stand and then chop. Always drink freshly prepared juice and take three to four cups of cabbage juice a day, half an hour before the meal, for treatment purposes.

Its strength in the fight against the stomach ulcer, cabbage can thank its sulforaphane ingredient, which eliminates H. Pylori and also protects the gastrointestinal tract of acid reflux.

It also contains glutamine, which has always been essential for good stomach ache. Cabbage juice is abundant with antioxidants and is good in defending against cancer.

Cabbage is high on a scale of foods that are good as a cancer preventive. It is considered to be particularly good when taken regularly against gastric colon, colon, breast and lung cancer.

It should also be noted that the cabbage juice has a slightly laxative effect. You can use it for regular colon cleaning and it also prevents some digestive problems.

In any case, cabbage is a friend of your whole body and stomach especially, so give it the benefit of other vegetables especially in winter days when we are less active and a little bit lazy with a little or without physical activities.

So what do you think about cabbage now, will you put it on your diet list?

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