Cancer Causing Foods to Stop Eating Right Now

It is true that there are statistics that are now making the claim that one out of every two men has the chance of getting cancer. It is also true that there is a one in three percent chance for every woman to also get cancer.

This is a disease that can be largely avoided. According to research, your chances of getting cancer can now be reduced by at least one half by making changes in your diet.

The sad part in all of this is that most people do not even realize that they are exposing themselves to cancer by the food that they are eating.

If you want to avoid cancer, there are foods that should be avoided in order to reduce your risk. There is a list of 12 cancer-causing foods that are on this top list of foods that should be avoided. There are many foods that can also be added to your diet to reduce your risk and it is worth looking into those. Likewise, this list of foods is only 12 and there certainly are more foods you should stop eating in order to lower your risk.

1. GMOS/Glyphosate
These are genetically modified organisms. These food items have been transformed to withstand large doses of a pesticide. This pesticide is called glyphosate and is a known carcinogen and immune system disrupter.

We don’t know the full extent of just how dangerous GMOs and glyphosate are, but we do know that preliminary findings are demonstrating that they are extremely toxic and disruptive.

2. Sugar
Sugar as listed here includes high fructose corn syrup and refined table sugar as well as any other sweeteners including agave nectar. Sugar has been known to grow and increase cancers. Cancer finds sugar to be a great fuel source.

3. Farmed Fish
It is a good idea to avoid any farmed version of fish including salmon. These types of fish products may be filled with contaminants that cause cancer including PCBs, pesticides, flame retardants and even antibiotics.

4. Microwave Popcorn
You can expect to find more than kernels in microwave popcorn. There is PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). This has been known to cause cancer in living tissue. Likewise, the corn is mostly GMO.

5. Artificial Sweeteners
Many of these artificial sweeteners have been known to cause countless serious health problems. This includes cancer.

6. Canned Foods
Many of the cans on the market today are lined with BPA. This is an item that has been known to change brain cells. Studies have shown this to be true in rats.

7. Refined White Flour
Refined white flour is a bleached food item containing traces of chemicals. Likewise, it contains gluten which is highly inflammatory (a contributing factor in cancer). And further, refined white flour converts to sugar after consumption. It is a very good idea to avoid refined white flour.

8. Meat that is Processed
Hot dogs, lunch meat, and some sausages and bacons are included in this category. These types of meats have been known too raise your risk of pancreatic cancer by approximately 67 percent.

9. Dyed Foods
Many of these vibrant colored food products look very appealing but the dye has chemicals that prove to be harmful.

10. Hydrogenated Oils
These types of oils contain trans fats which contribute to a host of health issues including cancers.