Stay Beautiful After 50, Cosmeticians Advise for a Beautiful Complexion!

Mature skin requires large investments, and cosmeticians claim that such investments are not reactive. We asked some famed beautician, which treatments are most effective after the fiftieth.

As we age, our skin becomes drier, more sensitive and prone to irritation. If that would have happened, we should adhere to three basic rules.

  • Rule number one: any woman, especially those in mature age, should drink two liters of water a day because it would slow down the process of dehydration.
  • Rule number two: the skin must be prepared. Otherwise, no treatment will not achieve absolutely any result.
  • Rule number three: only the beauticians can do a deep cleanse to the skin.

No one should try to do alone at home because the consequences are not naive. Debris is pushed deeper skin or gets injured, and errors become visible: snapped capillaries, pigmentation changes, ie. Stains, etc. Problems – explains our interlocutor, which half a century in her salon cares about woman’s beauty.

It is equally important and home care preparations by the beautician suggested.

First of all, hydration

It is the anti-stress treatment that restores energy. The basis of treatment is a good face massage, neck, and bust. They use aromatic oils which balance energy, improve circulation and oxygen supply. Such an effect cannot be achieved by using the apparatus but only by hand. This treatment in the salon costs about 150 dollars.

Biological treatment

Usually, they are essentially biological treatment compositions that have a high concentration of fruit acids and hyaluronic acid. Use this treatment for mature skin, extremely dry or damaged skin.

The goal of treatment is regeneration, hydration and lifting tired skin. Improves skin structure, reduces wrinkles, accelerating the metabolism of cells. Price biological treatment is around 200 dollars.

Unsurpassed mesotherapy

You can achieve a good skin nutrition by applying an extract of vegetable origin to the deeper skin layers. The most popular are those treatments that fail to temporarily stop the aging process, to correct wrinkles and raise skin tone.

During such treatment, the skin is the most delicate substance injected through the apparatus called mesogens. One mesotherapy treatment costs around 450 dollars.

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