Dissolve Kidney Stones in 10 Days

All people who suffer from kidney stones could solve this problem in a very simple way, through a natural remedy that saved many people from the pain and problems that this problem brings to them.

Many people suffer from kidney stones, unpleasant and painful illnesses that can be very troublesome and unpleasant. However, it seems that the situation can be alleviated and solved, thanks to a folk remedy that solves this health problem in just 10 days.

It is a recipe for a natural remedy based on the cereal millet, which is considered remarkable in the treatment of kidney stone, but also in the prevention of stone in the urine and urinary tract. Effectively cleans the kidneys, eliminates sand and mucus, removes stones from the kidneys and bladder and cures cystitis.

The millet is otherwise considered a cereal that has many healing properties and great nutritional value, and if you have kidney problems, here’s a recipe from Russian folk medicine that can help you heal completely.

Preparation of the kidney stones remedy

In the evening, rinse 200 g of millet in warm water. Pour the millet into a 3 liters jar and pour 2/3 of the jar with a hot water. Cover, wrap into something warm and let stay overnight. In the morning you will notice a white dull liquid in the jar. It’s exactly your cure.

Pour this liquid from the jar into another container. Drink during the day without restriction, in any quantity, whenever you want. Do not throw the millet. Bake a healthy pulp (1 glass of millet, 3 glasses of water, cook for 15 minutes) and eat it for breakfast.

Always prepare a new port for the next day, following the same procedure, and do it every night for the next 10 to 15 days. After this time period, the stone will melt and will come out with the urine, and the kidneys will be cleaned of sand, mucous and stones. At the same time, the inflammation will be eliminated, and the tissue of the kidneys and organs of the urinary tract will be restored.

This cereal is affordable to everyone. It’s not expensive and you can find it in all health food stores. By introducing a diet into your diet, you will contribute to the health of your kidneys, so it’s not a surprise to use this recipe, even if you do not suffer from stone, purely for the sake of prevention.

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