Makeup Rules for Women With Prescription Eyeglasses

With a help of a few practical tips, everything you thought was an obstacle would be an advantage.

Women who wear prescription eyeglasses in the last few seasons have finally been able to cheer because of the trend of the eyeglasses, do not even notice the recent decline in popularity.

As a desirable fashion accessory, they could be seen in the magazines of popular fashion houses, and the starry lifestyle such as Lady Gaga, Kristen Stuart, and many others increasingly favor them, although they have to comply with some makeup rules with the diopter lenses.

Follow these rules to look beautiful with a prescription eyeglass

  • Forget the dark eyeshadow

“Smokey Eyes” below the glasses is not the best option. The eyes will just look too dark. Choose lighter shades, and if you want a somewhat dramatic look, apply slightly darker shades to the tips of your lips.

  • Glasses framework and eyeliner must be of different color

Apply a paintbrush that is similar to the color of the frame, but not the same. For example, use black frames to combine page, brown or dark blue eye pen, and wear brown trim with bronze.

  • Do not forget the screwdriver

To get the most “open” view, do not miss out on the eyeliner. With the scissors, press the eyelashes close to the root and then apply a mascara.

  • Do not apply mascara on the lower eyelashes

For a mascara on the lower eyelashes, most of the visuals will say “no”. Such a look adds to the year, and if you wear a pair of glasses, all of a set may look worse. Dark colors and frames create no-slip under the eyes, and the face looks tired.

  • The face skin deserves equal attention

Regardless of the point of view, the rest of the face has to look impeccably. Preheat the skin before applying the powder and remove the irregularities with the corrector.

  • Wrong shadow corrector

Choose the correct corrector color and is otherwise required. In a case of a pair of glasses, choose only yellowish shades. This corrector cover the dark area the best.

  • Bold your eyebrows

Sometimes we are so focused on what is seen just below the glasses, to forget about the eyebrows. They should be properly dressed, faded, and you can further emphasize them with the eyebrow gel. Yet they are the framework for your frames!

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