Perfect Face Mask: Get Honey, Eggs, and Yogurt

How many times have you read the prescriptions for a natural face mask? How many times have you thought – it is all cool, but it will not “tire” fatigue from the face, and the wrinkles will not become smaller?

Of course, we will not find an effective wrinkle repair agent in the fridge, but for fresh skin – we will find something in the fridge.

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals will literally “nourish” our skin. Apply them on the face while you have a Sunday lunch, and fifteen minutes later you will see that we were right …

  • Egg Whites

Eggs are full of protein, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids, all of these ingredients contribute to a healthy and shiny skin.

Why, then, you would not make a foam made of whites and cover your face with it? It tightens the skin, narrows the pores, reduces the scratching of the skin, it exacerbates the onset of acne, and if you intend to wash your hair today – you can apply the foam on your hair too. They say that it increases hair shine. When it’s dry, rinse it well.

  • Yogurt

This food is full of calcium, zinc and, most importantly, enzymes and good bacteria, and yogurt is good for indoor and outdoor use. It does not only help to digest and preserve the flora, but it is also helpful for the face skin.

It removes wrinkles on the skin, fights against wrinkles and slows the skin aging. Place yogurt on the face and hold for about half an hour, then rinse well.

  • Honey

This superfood is known for its strong antibacterial and antibiotic properties, antioxidants, natural enzymes and nutrients that nourish and treat the body both inside and outside.

Honey on the skin reduces inflammation and redness, wounds and burns, as well as other inequalities on the skin. Because of its antibacterial composition, it is a great substitute for porous acne. You can apply it alone on the skin or within the masks we suggest.

Redness reduction and cooling face mask

Apply half of the cabbage, a quarter cup of milk, a honey pot and a brown sugar spoon, and apply it to your face. When it’s dry, rinse it with warm water.

Sensitive skin mask

Pour yogurt sauce, honey sauce, and cocoa powder. Like the previous mask, it reduces redness, and it is very good for sensitive skin.

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